Travel is a big part of our business philosophy at Ares Direct, and it’s not just because we want to see the world. We believe that visiting many destinations is crucial to understanding ourselves and our planet, but we also know that when company leaders value travel and build chances to get out of the office into their schedules, team members benefit. They grow in confidence, their problem-solving abilities increase, and they form stronger bonds with their colleagues. Here’s how we provide that kind of experience at our firm:

  • We Embrace Travel Club Incentives: At Ares Direct, we want to make our travel budget stretch as far as possible, so we join reward programs and apply for credit cards that allow us to rack up points to use for free or discounted travel.
  • We Take Meetings Out of the Office: There’s a certain level of excitement that comes with being out of the regular routine that allows people to focus in on reaching and surpassing their goals. Plus, a trip leaves everyone more energized, which is why we schedule Ares Direct team meetings in different locales as often as possible.
  • We Encourage Travel Talk: One of the best benefits of frequent travel is the ability to share what you’ve learned and witnessed with others. That’s why we love it when our team members let us all in on the insights they’ve gained from recent trips and vacations.

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