Most people spend an incredible amount of time commuting to and from work. Associates from Ares Direct have learned how to turn their commutes into productive time that they can use to meet their personal and professional goals. Here are a few ideas they like to share:

• Organize Your Emails: If you’re commuting to work by train or in a carpool, you can use the time to organize your inbox and respond to messages that just need quick acknowledgement. Keeping the number of emails in your main inbox low will help you better focus at work instead of being constantly distracted by the overflow.

• Catch Up on Current Events: It can take hours to read the newspapers, but radio shows, podcasts, and email bulletins can help you stay up to date in just a few minutes. When there is a specific topic we’d like to explore in greater depth, then Ares Direct associates have a number of different podcasts they enjoy listening to as they travel around to help them stay educated and informed.

• Network With Friends and Colleagues: Driving home with a hands-free device in your car can make it a great time to call and chat with friends or brainstorm ideas with colleagues. If your goal is to strengthen your network, do so by reaching out regularly to the people who matter the most.

Depending on your goals, there are a variety of ways you can use your commute to manage your work, organize the details of your home, or plan a fun trip with friends.