A great opportunity our team members occasionally have is a chance to represent Ares Direct at one of our national industry conferences and talk on a topic they’re an expert at. When these come up, it’s great exposure for our team members as well as our company, so we always take the time to make sure the associate who is speaking does a great job. Here are some tips we use to help people prepare to give great speeches:

  • Start With a Story: Stories are great ways to capture people’s attention and show them that you are on the same page they are, that you can relate to their challenges, and you’re going to show them a solution to whatever issue you’re addressing. Stories also help people quickly grasp and remember a concept, so it’s a compelling way to start your speech and illustrate the material you’re going to cover.
  • Stand Still After a Punch Line: If you deliver a joke or a strong point you want to place emphasis on, hold still for a moment after the delivery to underscore what you just said. We like to inject plenty of humor into Ares Direct team talks, and holding still for just a moment gives the audience time to laugh.
  • Connect the Dots: At the end of the speech, make sure you wrap up everything you’ve said by connecting the dots for the audience and showing them how it is all related and relevant to them. They’ll appreciate you making sure your points are clearly tied together and providing a final point that they will remember.

When giving a speech, instead of the old way of stating what you’re going to say, sharing it, and then restating it, start with a story, illustrate what you’re saying with humor, and then connect the dots at the end. This will make your speech a memorable and valuable one.

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