For some people, the most difficult part of a job interview is the end. This is when the tables are turned and they’re expected to ask insightful, intelligent questions about the company and position. A little preparation and research can help. If you’re still unsure about which inquiries to make, here are a few people have asked Ares Direct interviewers that we thought were good:

  • Are There Professional Development Opportunities?: We loudly tout the opportunities Ares Direct offers team members for further growth. Many companies offer a range of options for everything from technical skill building to leadership training. This question can also be tailored to ask about opportunities to move your career in directions that are of specific interest to you.
  • Is the Company Culture Family Friendly?: Some workplaces embrace families. If you’re looking for the ability to take your children to the doctor or options for helping with child care, it’s important to ask if they are available. The same goes if you want a company culture that supports other aspects of your life.

When you’re interviewing for a role, ask questions to get to know the company and position – just like they’re getting to know you. The goal is for both of you to find the perfect fit.

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