SAN JOSE, CA – Two of Ares Directs’ associates recently traveled to the Dominican Republic to attend an industry rest and relaxation event. According to Jeremy, the firm’s President, this event was a huge success.


The trip was an annual all-inclusive retreat that includes customer acquisition firms from around the country. The Ares Direct team members had the opportunity to meet and network with their peers from other markets. This was a great chance to stay up to date with the latest ideas in the field, Jeremy added.


“Everyone who attended this event was a top performer,” he said. “It was a great chance for our people to talk with other industry leaders. It was kicked off with an award ceremony that celebrated the best and brightest. After that, there was plenty of socializing and talking about strategies for success.”


Jeremy selected Veronica and John Carlos to represent Ares Direct at the event. He stated that they were chosen because of their hard work and dedication to the company during the past year. The group stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Beyond networking, the trip was a chance to relax and unwind in the tropical destination.


“It is great having a way to reward my top team members,” Jeremy said. “They have put in a lot of effort, especially recently, and they absolutely earned this R&R getaway. Additionally, I knew they had the dedication and ambition to learn a lot from the other top leaders attending the event.”


Ares Directs’ Director of Operations on the Benefits of Travel


According to Jeremy, every Ares Direct associate has the chance to travel from time to time. He asserted that there are many benefits business teams can gain from visiting new places, especially when they do so together. For example, the shared experience is an excellent way to bond. Additionally, it is a way to see each other in a context other than the office.


“Travel is also a surprisingly effective method of fostering leadership,” he continued. “It is essential for management teams to develop the potential of their associates. Traveling together creates lots of opportunities for people to take on leading roles, whether it is organizing an event or simply making sure everyone gets to the right places at the right times. Travel helps bring out people’s leadership abilities.”


Getting out of the office can also boost creativity, Jeremy concluded. “It is easy to get stuck in one way of thinking. Simply immersing oneself in a new environment can lead to inspiration and innovation. I strongly encourage business leaders to invest more into team travel.”


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