Some key goals leaders at Ares Direct have are that they want to mentor, empower, and train the next group of emerging leaders. We like to promote from within, so we are always looking for leadership talent and trying to give our associates the tools they need to succeed both within our company and in the broader business world.

It is important for our leaders to recognize that we’re a people-driven company. While we encourage some friendly competition, we also have to pull together as a team to really succeed. This means our leaders need to be dedicated to helping those around them succeed and bring Ares Direct to the next level. When you’re looking at someone and expecting excellence from them, then you’re able to raise their level of performance. To do this, challenge everyone regularly to not only meet the goals they’ve set for themselves, but to exceed those goals.

Good leadership also means being a mentor to those around you. You should not only challenge them, you should offer advice, feedback, and coaching to help them master new skills and further excel. Ask questions to help them think about the situation they’re facing or the goals for which they’re reaching. This means you’re not only telling them how to get somewhere, you’re teaching them to think about it on their own.

We work hard to nurture our team members into great leaders.