We believe that Ares Direct travel opportunities are among the most important perks we offer. Not only do we provide team members with the chance to expand their horizons, but we enjoy doing so in the company of our great coworkers.

“We have a lot of networking and travel events coming up for the remainder of the year,” stated Jeremy, Ares Direct’s President. “First off is the leadership conference in Dallas, where all the top leaders in the nation gather to take seminars and network with each other. Then, some of the top reps in the industry will go to Mexico and stay at an all-inclusive Cancun resort. We have at least two people who are really nailing their goals in an effort to qualify for this trip!”

There are so many benefits that come from traveling together as a team that we consider such trips as investments – not expenses. For example, Ares Direct morale always shoots through the roof after a weekend adventure or even a day trip to another office for some cross-training.

Performance and productivity are enhanced as well. Seeing new sights and building relationships always have rejuvenating effects, and the surge in energy around the office after journeying together is almost tangible.

We reap many positive benefits from our commitment to business travel. Friend us on Facebook to learn more.