Giving back to the community is perhaps the element of the Ares Direct culture of which we are proudest. Not only do we support those around us, we empower our team and bring everyone closer. There are many great reasons why businesses should be more socially conscious – not the least of these is that it makes team members happier. Here are the reasons why:

• Meet Great People: An oft-forgotten element of giving back is the opportunity to network. Most causes are supported by other driven and caring people. So, volunteering is a chance to meet them. Better yet, those giving back will often be other community leaders.

• It’s Healthy: We encourage everyone at Ares Direct to take care of himself or herself. Supporting the community has been found in several studies to be beneficial for one’s health and happiness.

• Learn New Skills: In some cases, giving back allows you to develop new abilities. In other situations, you may learn a new perspective on an issue. Additionally, you may be able to apply your existing skill set in a novel and rewarding way.

• Feel Great: Most people know that giving back is a rewarding experience. However, it is difficult to understand how significant that feeling is until you get out there and make a difference. This is especially profound when volunteering as a team.

For these reasons and many more, businesses should invest time and energy into supporting their communities.