Finding the best and brightest to join our Ares Direct team means that we need to continually improve our recruitment process. This is a matter of finding new best practices and studying how others approach hiring. We have built a lot of insight into what makes certain candidates stand out. If you want to impress in interviews and land job offers, consider these guidelines:

• Get to Know People: Before your interview, learn who you will be meeting and the schedule for the day. Use that information to learn about the hiring panel. This will help you to both connect with your interviewers and tailor your responses to them.

• Research the Company and Position: Preparation goes a long way to show enthusiasm and professionalism. It will also help you fit your responses to the needs of the open position. Attitude is important to us at Ares Direct. Applicants who have clearly researched the company show that they are enthusiastic about the role.

• Review Your History: Many interview questions involve sharing prior experiences and professional stories. Although no one knows your history like you do, spending some time refreshing is a great idea. Think through some of the most significant and illustrative moments from your career.

These guidelines will empower you to ace interviews and land job offers.