Perhaps you need to construct a team quickly and get them working as a division together, but you don’t have the time or budget to do any extensive training. While going to the local ropes course or breakout room is always fun, there are creative ways to build and strengthen your team in-house. We’re always looking for great ways to strengthen the Ares Direct team that also contribute to our strategic and philanthropic goals while providing excellent development opportunities.

Build a project together, because creating something is a great way to develop a team, especially if it’s outside your normal expertise. Volunteer to help restore a home or even just sit down for an hour or so and do a big craft project together. This not only helps strengthen your team, it also gets creativity flowing and smiles all around.

After-hours team building can be done at happy hours or potlucks. If no one on your team knows how to cook, take the entire group to cooking or bartending lessons. You’ll all learn something useful and can apply it to your next team activity. This can be particularly fun and has led to some great bonding at the Ares Direct office.

Whatever method you use, make a point of kicking off your team when you first bring them together and then strengthening the team bonds regularly. This keeps communication flowing and creates a positive and supportive office atmosphere.

Ares Direct has a company culture built on fun, hard work, and team support. Follow us on Facebook for more insight into how we build a great team and run a top-notch office.