Despite your desire to uphold your company’s core values, there may be things you’re doing as a leader that encourage unethical behavior. Our Ares Direct executives suggest that you keep the following points in mind as you guide your team members to sustained and values-driven prosperity.

You must maintain an open-door policy and welcome your people’s opinions and concerns if you want to steer clear of ethical conflicts. Make sure to go beyond simply saying you will listen to your associates; remind them on a regular basis that it’s safe to speak up and offer input of any kind.

It’s also dangerous to hold your people to unrealistic standards of performance, because doing so increases the temptation to take shortcuts. We at Ares Direct are careful to avoid overly ambitious objectives, and we always make sure that our team members have the time and resources they need to complete projects.

Of course, it’s also up to you to model the types of ethical behavior you want your people to practice daily. Having the right intentions isn’t enough; you must make careful choices in how you confront tough decisions and react to bad performances. Be wary of how your team members may interpret your actions, and proceed with caution and prudence at all times.

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