Ares Direct: Partnerships for Maximum Reach

Our Partnerships at Ares Direct

Ares Direct is a proud partner of a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. Using our unique customer acquisition approach, we know how to quickly spread the word about the most cutting-edge fiber optic solutions for television, voice, and internet. Our partner expects a high level of service, a value we share and deliver every day.

Government-Funded Wireless With Ares Direct

At Ares Direct, we believe that in today’s world, staying connected is important for accessing all that life offers. That’s why we partner with the government-funded Life Assistance program, which provides cellular devices to underserved communities. This community outreach program locates regions where access to wireless technology is limited, and offer local residents opportunities to connect with free devices and minutes.

The Principles Driving Ares Direct


At Ares Direct, we’ve put together a team of dedicated minds. Our professionals stay at the forefront of trends and fuel growth for our partners.


We’re not interested in the strategies of years gone by. Our leadership challenges the status quo to reach above and beyond for unconventional solutions.


Our associates are experts in the art of outreach and communication, which means that our office is alive with conversation. We’ll show people why they need your services.


You won’t find another team as passionate as ours at Ares Direct. Our people have the autonomy to take control of projects and maximize results for your business.

Our executives go above and beyond for our partners.